What are the highest software developer salaries in 2018 and what skills do they require?

What are the most lucrative developer positions on the market right now -- and just as importantly -- what skills do you need to land one?

It seems like dozens of clickbait articles on this topic fall into the same trap: a list of generic, mostly meaningless job titles, all based off the same one data set, and averaged salary data from such a broad location set that there really isn't any insight to pull out.

So rather than following suit, in this article I want to focus on breaking this topic into a few key categories so that we can really dig deeper into the state of software deving in 2018:


  • -companies (why big companies are paying moer)
  • -languages (which languages = $$$)
  • -locations (sf,nyc,la?,etc)
  • -junior vs senior - what to look for
  • -
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